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Second International Interior « INTERIOR of SHOW »

Has published admin November 25 2008 6:16:12 AM

From November, 26 till November, 29th in Moscow will pass second International Interior « INTERIOR of SHOW ». At an exhibition you can see products from the world of furniture from the main world brands from the different countries. Here to you the unique opportunity to gather will be given to something new to the interior, and it, believe to me, at an exhibition will be enough.
Besides it the second International Interior has prepared for the most extensive program for the visitors...

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Enormous business centre the area 1 mln.kv.m will construct in Moscow suburbs

Has published admin May 30 2008 0:48:27 AM

In a situated near Moscow Krasnogorsk scale construction is developed. postavnovlenie the governments of the Moscow area from May, 28th, has approved the project of a business centre a total area more than one million square meters. In this big object investments in volume 1,5 billion roubles are enclosed. The business centre in Moscow suburbs will correspond to all modern building requirements. Mjakinskaja pojma enjoies the big popularity at developers of business projects. In March, 2008 Mirax Group has got here 29 hectares of the ground on which it will be constructed maloetazhnyj elite settlement by the area of 600 thousand square meters.

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In Sochi the Disneyland is under construction

Has published admin May 30 2008 0:42:50 AM

Investors plan to construct the Russian analogue of the well-known American park of entertainments the Disneyland on waste ground at the river Mzymta in area Sochi Adlerskom. Now on a place of forthcoming construction the thrown waste ground in territory along the river from the automobile bridge up to seacoast settles down. In the eightieth years of the Soviet epoch city authorities here planned the big film-concert hall, but the project and has not been carried out because of economic preponov. In plans of present investors to finish construction of Russian "Disneyland" by 2010. Park " Riviera " for today remains unique park of entertainments in Sochi.

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Vandals have carried away with themselves a piece of a Stonehendge

Has published admin May 30 2008 0:38:34 AM

Architectural property of the Great Britain - the mysterious Stonehendge, recently has suffered from actions of vandals. They managed to pass to a monument with a hammer and a screw-driver and otkolost a piece of a stone, having left six-centimetric skol. Protection has noticed wreckers, but to detain was not in time. For last years this certificate of vandalism has happened for the first time. Up to 1970 to break away pieces of a stone of a Stonehendge it was authorized, in the next Salisbury even hammers stood out for rent. But people in time have thought again, and the most valuable object of ancient architecture has been protected from similar blasphemy. Creation of a Stonehendge is dated approximately 3100-1800 years B.C.

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In Petersburg will pass « Architectural dialogue – 2008 »

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:13:15 AM

In northern capital passes the important action in sphere of construction. The International forum-exhibition of architecture and design « Architectural dialogue – 2008 » on May, 23rd has opened. In merroprijatii the largest foreign architectural bureaues take part. At an exhibition projects masshtabno reflecting spheres of architecture and construction - from a cottage, a summer residence, up to theatres and stadiums are presented. The purposes of a forum are development of directions and support of spheres of architecture, construction and interernogo design and furnish. Representatives of the building and architectural organizations will lead meetings with city authorities, mass-media, investors.

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Authorities of Vladivostok will protect regional architectural property

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:11:45 AM

The administration of Primorye Territory has approved a special mode on which platforms of architectural objects of a cultural heritage of region will be used. The decision has established strict borders of security zones. Many well-known monuments of history and culture of regional value have entered into them in Vladivostok. Now, within the limits of the borders of monuments solved by authorities, strict rules of their use which allow to keep not only historical shape of buildings, but also the историко-architectural environment surrounding them operate.

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The inter-regional building forum has begun in Abakan

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:10:03 AM

Opening of the first inter-regional building forum « Hakstrojekspo - 2008 » took place recently in Abakan. Passing merroprijatie is sign, its special value is represented with the information on new tendencies in construction, in furnish and repair of inhabited and office premises. New materials and the technologies already applied on modern strojkah will be shown at an exhibition, otkryvshesja within the limits of a forum. Basically the technologies applied in territory of Siberia are presented. This exhibition is the largest in region and will give a valuable opportunity of an exchange of experience.

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What square meters in Moscow the most dear

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:08:43 AM

Elite and most dear Moscow apartments were estimated by magazine M2. In a rating of the edition have got as an apartment from the primary market and from secondary, furnish, a design interior and simply walls. Thus, strangely enough, "gold" meters can be in an apartment, as they say, without anything. It depends that apartments with furnish, can be cheaper because of become outdated and not than fashionable design, and dear apartments, thus, are located in successful area of city. The magazine estimated objects of construction from 150 up to 350 kv.metrov.

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Summer residence under all standards of ecology

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:07:13 AM

What should be a summer residence corresponding all эко-standards? First of all it should be is located in a "green" zone, at least in 20-30 km from a megacity. The second major factor of ecological compatibility is presence of green plantings and natural objects, is better, should be kept in a untouched kind. Besides it the settlement of cottages should protect the buffer from road in the form of ostrovka woods or avenues. The summer residence constructed constructed according to last tendencies in construction and a design interior, will be considered as a level of a премиум-class.

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Huge expocentre will construct in the Volgograd area

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:05:19 AM

Volgograd in 2010 can be proud of the only thing in Southern federal district a specialized выставочно-business centre, a total area 24 tys.kv.m. Construction of the center is conducted in area Krasnooktjabrskom of city. Pavilions of the center will be under construction under universal standards, with repair and the furnish, to adequating last tendencies in construction and are equipped by all necessary equipment for carrying out merroprijaty a different level. The opportunity to transform exhibition halls in halls for conferences, platforms for show-programs will be carried out. Erection of the center becomes the decision of a problem of qualitative exhibition facilities in district.

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In Tyumen will construct a building in height in 35 floors

Has published admin May 29 2008 9:03:32 AM

In the center of Tyumen the building in 35 floors will be erected. The federal arbitration court becomes considerably above. The given project have considered at session of the main advice on development of ground and town-planning policy. Blagadarja the concepts, the new high-altitude building becomes architectural sight and will form a complex with existing arbitration court. Restoration of building Agropromproekta is included in the given project and shop " Рентал ".

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